Indicators for the MT4 terminal are becoming more technical, have a greater number of correct forecasts, but many traders and investors also want to see the best entry and exit points in the market. Most indicators show only the direction of the trend, not showing the exit point.

Often, Forex indicators show much better profitability in the option market. After all, on binary options in order to get up to 90% of the transaction, it does not matter at all what distance in points the price will run from the moment of the transaction. In order for the trading position to close in plus, and the trader received up to 90% of the income, 1 point is enough in the direction of the transaction!

You can try your hand at option trading under fairly loyal trading conditions. For example, in the company Binomo you can start trading with 10 dollars in the account, concluding transactions in the size from 1 dollar.

Consider the indicator of 2017, showing for opening and closing orders, Ku Klux. This indicator resembles the famous pivots , it is looking for rotating price levels on any currency pair, and also, each of its levels can be used as a level to enter or exit a trade.

Ku Klux Pivot Indicator

The indicator Ku Klux is recommended for use on EURUSD, AUDUSD, GBPUSD, EURJPY, USDCHF currency pairs, on time intervals from M5 to H4. Trading can be carried out in all trading sessions except the Pacific, since during this period too low volatility makes it difficult to analyze the market. Recommended brokers for work are Alpari and RoboForex .

It is better not to touch the input parameters, if you do not know what you are doing. You can change the Text_Font_Size parameter to a larger or smaller one if you need to increase or decrease the font in the indicator values.

To work with this indicator, you need to use only pending orders. Buy with their help from buy levels and sell from sell levels. Stop loss for purchases, you need to set at the BSL level, for sales – SSL. Placing stop orders is mandatory, it will reduce the likelihood of large losses and even reduce these risks to zero.

As soon as the profit starts to grow, the transaction needs to be transferred to breakeven, after the transaction reaches the nearest price level, then move it to another level, etc. The deal is closed only at stop loss or breakeven, as well as, when approaching to the next, important level for the trader.

This indicator is similar to Murray indicator, but it is not a trading strategy. Like any indicator, it needs add-ons and filters, in the form of moving averages, oscillators of MACD, RSI, etc. Active trading using Ku Klux, together with filters, can bring a good income with proper observance of money management. Do not exceed the risks of 2-5% per transaction and opens several transactions on different currency pairs. If you want to trade on several pairs, it is better to split the total risk of 2-5% into several parts.

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