There are a lot of different masters, coaches and just trading gurus who teach how to earn big money in the Forex market. But most of their advice is designed for a long and painful process, and, unfortunately, not every student of such teachers becomes a master. In addition, for some reason no one publishes tips on how to lose everything in an instant, although perhaps someone asks this question. To meet the needs of all members of the audience and help those who really need it, we publish a list of proven methods that will help you quickly become a billionaire or promptly drain a deposit and still remain a debtor. And yes, anticipating the question – these two outcomes are closely related to each other, and the development option depends only on your perseverance, risk and self-confidence.

The article is written in a sarcastic style and aims only in a humorous approach to display the main mistakes in trading.

Trade immediately on the real life!

Why do you need these toys, demo accounts and training grounds? Do you want to get rich quicker, become a billionaire, buy a yacht or wipe all your pants while sitting at a training account? If your choice is the first option, then you do not need this demo account. Replenish the real account and soon begin to actively trade. Do not waste time on nonsense.

Forget about learning – it’s simple!

Those who tell you that trading is a difficult thing, simply do not want you to take away their earnings, so discourage this method. In addition, the training was created only to earn you, but in fact there is nothing to learn. Just install the terminal and swear a couple of times. When you roughly understand what’s what, start trading as an experienced master. The main thing is confidence and dedication.

Use the maximum lot!

Any business coach or any book to achieve the goal in one voice asserts that you should make maximum use of all the possibilities. So apply this advice in trading. What is the point of collecting a penny profit if you can double your account at once? Open a position to the maximum possible amount and get real profits. Feel like George Soros, after trading one-tenth of the lot, to a billion you will move forever. Drop doubts and risk to the fullest!

Take credits and loans!

In continuation of the preceding thought, you must understand that in order to approach the level of Soros, you need the appropriate capital. In addition, brokers and market makers are unlikely to take you seriously with a few thousand dollars in the account. In order to immediately play on a grand scale, move the market and sharply declare oneself, collect as much capital as possible. To do this, take a bank loan and loans in microfinance institutions. They should not be told about the purpose of lending, because they do not understand anything there in real earnings. Just say that you will soon become a billionaire, and then the bankers will stand in line for you, and those who have previously refused, will bite themselves by the elbows.

Also take money from usurers, gangsters or local mafia. Thus, you can immediately acquire money and powerful friends. At worst, ask for a loan from relatives, sell your odnushku and old Opel Kadet, because business loves risky people, not those who sit and wait for the weather from the sea.

Resign from work

Why sit down your pants in the office, if you are already five minutes away as a billionaire. Send the hell out of your boss after you throw a dismissal statement in his face, kiss the pretty secretary and tell him that you’ll be back for her on the new Porsche soon.

Having quit your job, you will be able to devote all of yourself to real earnings in the financial markets, and no one will distract from the goal.

Buy a strategy and advisor

There are a lot of successful millionaire traders on the Internet who are ready to share their trading systems and automated advisors that will make you rich. Do not be afraid and drop doubts, the world is not without good people, and these guys simply want to make someone as happy as they are, therefore they offer working methods for a symbolic hundred bucks.

Follow the guru’s advice

Subscribe to various analytical publications, signal services, as well as analytics from a broker and unconditionally follow their instructions. If you said that most likely the dollar-yen will grow, then do not think, do not miss the opportunity, come in a large lot and incubate profits. Smart people sit there and carry out detailed analysis so that you can get rich, so do not doubt their professionalism.

Set Maximum Indicators

Indicators are mathematical algorithms that smart people have invented. In addition, each indicator increases the probability of profit. Therefore, if you set them up as much as possible, the chances of success will practically be equal to 100 percent.

Forget stop loss

Protective stop order clearly invented a coward. Why close a position that went a little against the entrance. Wait a bit, the price will soon turn around, and you will get mega-profits, while with the stop you would lose some of your funds.

Blame everyone around

Just remember, if something went wrong – they set you up. This guaranteed broker turned off technical analysis, or the market maker saw your position or the market has become completely inadequate. But in any case, do not lose confidence. Replenish the account again and fight.

Increase profits

When the price goes against your entry it is not at all bad, on the contrary it is an opportunity to add to the position at an even better price, do not miss it. As a result of this manipulation, you will have a better price and a bigger position, which means that profit will be much more interesting later.

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Love your position

If you are in a position, do not hesitate. Do not think about what you might have done wrong, even if the position is already in a significant minus. This trader must be unmoved, stern and serene. Do not betray your principles, stand on your own and the market will understand that this number will not work with you. Keep your position until the last and do not let go of it.

Change strategies

If you’re fed up or failing to work on the same strategy, throw it away and take up the next one. So you will become not only a professional with different approaches, but also be able to quickly switch from different trading options to others. Far from many traders can boast of such abilities.

Diversify profits

As soon as the first earnings appeared, do not forget what Warren Buffett teaches – diversification is the path to financial independence. Today, the network has high-profit HYIPs, which will also make money and get closer to the cherished goal. Even MMM will serve you a great solution. And do not pay attention to the negative reviews, they are written specifically so that fewer people get into these systems, otherwise everyone will earn money so easily, and then who will work in factories, offices and service-maintenance.

Be different

If according to statistics, 95% of traders in the market are drained, then for success you need to be different and do the opposite. Use non-standard techniques and approaches – stop a thousand times more than a take, strategies for the lunar calendar, sacrifice and so on.

Trade under a degree

To be risky you need to kill fear in yourself. And what will help in this better, no matter how the good old alcohol? Take good care of your chest before work, and you will be a fearless warrior who simply overthrows everyone in his path and puts money in bundles.

Tell everyone that trading is a scam

If this has already happened, and you could not get rich, you just have to tell everyone that trading in financial markets is a scam. For what is not yet known, but it is fixed that really helps. In addition, if you did not succeed, then in any case a divorce and kidalovo.

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