In the event that your PC began to function more slowly, and the fat content was “heavier” by a decent amount due to the consumed power, then it is time to be wary. It is possible that you use the so-called black miners.

In order to carry out the mining of cryptocurrency , you must have a powerful PC, special software for mining, a reliable server and, of course, confidence in yourself. However, from year to year the mining of bitcoins is complicated. At the same time increasing competition.

At the moment, one transaction requires the amount of electricity that 1.6 families from the United States spend per day. According to experts, after about 2.5 years, the consumption of electricity for cryptocurrency generation will be equivalent to the annual rate of energy consumption of such a small country like Denmark.

Of course, no one person will be able to acquire Bitcoins in such conditions using only their PC. As for the alternative currency, altcoins, it is not all that simple. For this reason, modern miners are already developing new methods, which will allow to receive digital currency through computers belonging to other people.

Mining for someone else’s account

Where certain standards are provided, there will definitely be people who will systematically violate them. And the digital currency market is no exception to the rule. A number of miners do not pay electricity bills by connecting to a transformer. There are those who produce video cards in China.

But, as a rule, black miners use PCs that belong to other people. For example, in September 2017, Kaspersky Lab employees discovered 2 large networks of PCs that focused on mining cryptocurrencies. One of these networks included about 4 thousand computers, the other – 5 thousand. It turned out that they were subjected to virus attacks. At the same time, the users themselves did not even realize that their equipment was used for the extraction of cryptocurrency. Thus, the developers of virus programs earned several tens of thousands of dollars a month.

Black mining usually involves mining cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin, Feathercoin, and Monero. After all, to obtain them, it is not necessary to have equipment that has great power. Ordinary home PCs are also suitable for mining electronic coins.

Basic Black Mining Techniques

black screen mining

There are the following types of mining, which involve the use of other people’s PC.

  1. Mining through the browser

Warnings that appear all the time, which notify the user about certain sites with questionable content, may adversely affect the performance of your PC. This rule applies to digital currencies. If you follow the link offered to you, your PC will enter the cryptocurrency mining network.

However, not only unpopular resources are at risk. So, this year a scandal erupted around the popular Ukrainian media holding. The fact is that all its users were the victims of black miners who mined Monero. Something similar happened with the American TV channel Showtime.

  1. Virus Miners

The first miner virus became known in 2011. Since then, such malicious programs continue to be written on the PCs of ordinary users. Downloading them to a computer is easy enough. You only need to follow the link that comes in the email. They also hit the computer if you install a questionable application. In a word, black miners pay attention to those PCs that have powerful technical characteristics.

Viruses are more likely to harm PCs than browser mining. After all, they are 100% using the technical capacity of machines. However, much more computers are exposed to browser attacks.

Signs that indicate PC infection

As a rule, the fact that your PC has been attacked by black miners is evidenced by its slow work.

When the computer starts to slow down when visiting a particular resource, then most likely the black miner used your browser. In particular, pay attention to how the equipment operates on those sites that provide for a long pastime. First of all, it concerns torrent trackers, online games and movie sites.

But most of all gaming computers are experiencing attacks. After all, they are equipped with powerful graphics cards and processors. Also, the activity of black miners is also indicated by the sharply increased consumption of electrical energy.

Often, antivirus programs perceive applications with miners not as virus files, but as possibly dangerous utilities that can slow down the functioning of a PC. By and large, black miners are not cause other harm, like using the resources of your computer.

Common programs for black mining viruses

browser black mining

Well, now it is worth paying attention to the tools that black miners use for their business. You must know about their existence. This is the only way to protect yourself.

  1. Trojan “MinerBitcoin”
    While the average user uses only 20% of the capabilities of his PC, this Trojan is able to increase this figure to 80%, and in some cases to as much as 100%. Miner Bitcoin not only uses resources, but also gets access to data relating to the owner of the equipment. You can detect the presence of such a trojan as follows. Listen to the video card cooler. If it makes a lot of noise, it means that you are facing a Miner Bitcoin. Usually a trojan program accompanies Word documents or photos. Most often, it is picked up by Skype users.
  2. EpicScale
    This utility is faced by PC owners who often use uTorrent. However, the creators of this program refrain from accusing them. Which is very strange. 
    Surprisingly, after deleting EpicScale, some of the executive files still remain on the PC. By the way, the popular torrent tracker “The Pirate Bay” was also accused of mining cryptocurrency.
  3. “JS / CoinMiner”
    In this case, we are talking about malicious utilities that provide for the generation of digital currencies through browsers. Often, such scripts are equipped with sites for gamers, as well as resources that have streaming video. 
    How to protect yourself from browser mining?

To date, there are a number of effective measures that will help protect your PC from virus attacks through the browser. They are as follows:

  • editing the file, which is called “hosts”;
  • installation of the Anti-WebMiner utility and the browser extension NoCoin;
  • Turn off JavaScript in the browser and use “NoScript”;
  • Adding anti-mining protection to AdBlock, as well as uBlock.

How not to catch a virus miner?

There are a number of rules for using PCs that will protect you from the activities of black miners:

  1. Never download unlicensed programs, applications to your computer. Also avoid entering activation keys from dubious sources and never use unverified links.
  2. When you are the owner of the PC that Apple manufactured, you need to set in the settings an option that means downloading only software products from the App Store.
  3. Installing the virus – only half measures. You need to update it regularly.
  4. If you prefer the Windows OS, you need to create an account and boot the computer only through it. To install these or other programs, you must have administrative rights.
  5. In the event that the PC began to slow down, use the “Task Manager”. With it, you will see the programs that are running on your PC. You may be able to find the very utilities that take 80-90% of processor power. However, malicious programs that use black miners use significantly less power.
  6. Install utilities that provide not only anti-virus protection, but also inform about the slightest adjustments in the registry. It is rational to install uMatrix at the same time, as well as RequestPolicy Continued. At the same time, in the same “Google Chrome” there is also a blocking application “Antiminer”. Also scan your AdwCleaner or Malwarebytes PC.

When the antivirus program does not detect potentially dangerous applications, it is recommended to reinstall the OS. However, you will need to install another antivirus product.

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